Saturday, July 01, 2006

We're SO proud of our Maine guys!

Just in case you missed all the hype on the Letterman Show and the Today show about the Diet Coke/Mento breakthrough, here is the skinny:

Two men from Buckfield ME have taken the art of explosive celebrations to a new level.

Click the arrow at the bottom left of the screen to start the video.

(Make sure you watch to end...I love the final scene!)

See the whole story here:

Kids, don't try this at home (unless you want to do a LOT of cleaning up after Mom and Dad ground you.)

Who knew being a bonafide science geek could be SO much fun and get you such national coverage? (The little guy is really pretty cute, in a funky egghead kind of way.)

I think it's a riot that both mentos and Diet Coke are thrilled to have these guys spewing their products all over the planet. Maybe they realize that their usefulness as a member of any legitimate food group is pretty non-existant.

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