Sunday, January 14, 2007

Arrivederci Bambino!

And so the adventure begins! I drove Meredith down to Logan this afternoon to catch a 7PM SwissAir flight to Zurich, then connecting to Milan, where she will arrive tomorrow morning. I held it together until it was time to send her through the security gate and then I couldn't hold back the tears. She was suddenly my little brave baby girl all over again, walking with a mixture of excitement and fear into the new world of kindergarten or her freshman dorm at UVM. I am excited for her even as I feel a huge knot of apprehension and concern. This is what she has wanted for so long and I am grateful for the opportunity to help it happen for her. But she will be SO far away for such a long time. I have never gone as long as I will this semester without seeing her.

It was very helpful that her friend Lexi went with us. Lexi spent fall semester in St. Petersburg, Russia and will go back next week for the spring semester. She was extremely helpful with suggestions about navigating the airport process and she was great company for me on the ride home, not seeming to mind that I talked her ear off for the whole trip.

I have a countdown started on my google homepage for my trip to join Meredith in May. It stands at 123 days today, an interminably long stretch but I know it will go faster than it seems now. In the meantime, I am looking forward to emailed pictures, instant messages, emails and the opportunity to experience Italy vicariously through Meredith's eyes.

Corsa sicuro, cara mia!



Oh Mary Ann - I know exactly how you feel. When we sent Lyndsay off to Italy - I thought my heart would break in half! I cried more tears over her being so far away for so long! If I was there - I would sit and knit with you and we could laugh until we cried again! Sue

Busymom51 said...

Thank you so much, Sue!! I know I'll be fine with friends like you to help me through it. Isn't it funny how laughing and crying are so close together sometimes? You're the bomb!

My Bambino said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!