Friday, March 02, 2007

The two best words in the english language: Snow Day!

Oh, yeah! I can't imagine any better feeling than rolling over at 5:30 AM, hitting the speed dial on the phone and hearing those magic words: "All classes and activities for today are cancelled. All offices are closed." Students aren't the only ones who relish an unexpected day off. And to have it happen on a Friday is like getting whipped cream and a cherry on top of a delicious hot fudge sundae!

Don't get me wrong... I love my job. I really do. Seriously. I'm not kidding. But what's not to love about a little unexpected time off and a chance to hang around the house doing what I want. Sure, I can always do the "Mental health day" route and take a day off on my own but then that old guilt thing kicks in. I can do guilt like nobody's business...I went to Catholic School for eight years!... so removing that makes it all the sweeter.

So, mundane as they may be, here are some pictures of my day:

mmmm, love the fire but it makes me sleepy! Time for another nap.

An easy knitting project to
leisurely work on...

Brendan gets ready to go out and do battle with the snow. He's a vision in his old Air Force hat which I have tried to "lose" many times over the years. Like a bad penny it keeps reappearing. His sweater is the first one I ever knitted and the one that forced me to accept the fact that I have a severe math disability. But he loves it and wears it faithfully. He's such a honey! (even in his dorky hat and his "Omar the Tentmaker" sweater!)

It's man vs. machine...
but he gets the job done!

Even Isla takes a break from her job protecting the property from the killer squirrels out back. She stays on alert for the evil mailman, however. You can't let your guard down against THAT tricky devil!

And where am I while all this work is to be done?...

...still working on getting that *&%^ ankle back in shape. It's getting there, slowly but surely but not quick enough for my liking! This growing older business is a pain in the ass sometimes.

At least I have some FO's to show for my "down" time:

"Pink Lady" bag (just needs a fancy button)

Felted tote

Whew, I'm exhausted...I think I'll take another nap!



Snow days are the best. Friday, Tom and I hung out in our PJs all day and made homemade pizza! But what is really funny is that both my grown kids called me to tell me that they had snow days too!!!!!Sue


OOOOOH Sorry - By the way love the FOs - I think that felting is one of my favorite knitting projects - Yours are gorgeous!!!! Sue again