Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Fruits of our Labors...

Aren't they GORGEOUS?!! And so sweet and juicy. The best part is that there are many more where they came from, assuring that we will be enjoying tomatoes in every form for the next couple of weeks. My favorite way is sliced with some fresh mozzarella cheese, basil on top and drizzled with some extra virgin olive oil. Mmmm-mmm-mmm! The cucumbers have been wonderful too although the squirrels have been "testing" them for us, taking a bite or two and then deciding they don't like them. Not the brightest batch of squirrels either because they haven't figured out they don't like them and keep biting off the ends. As usual, growing zucchini has been an adventure in excess. As fast as we pick them, there are tons more coming along. Occasionally we "miss" one in our evening garden check and, before we know it, there it is, big as a dirigible and now good for nothing other than some zucchini bread.

And have we got herbs! The basil and parsley has been amazing. We now have enough pesto to feed a small italian city for a week and my friend Jeannie who makes amazing tabouleh stopped by, stocked up on parsley and gifted me with some of it.

And there is more to come. We have some bee-yoo-tiful butternut squash for some great fall soups and some pumpkins that promise to be GY-normous. Yay, garden!!!! We think this wonderful growth is due to some great compost and mulch that Brendan bought from a small greenhouse with a curmudgeonly old owner. It truly has been like a magic potion for the garden! DEE-licious!

On the knitting front, the shawl that never ends is actually about 75 percent finished. Not bad for a birthday present due last May. I figure it will definitely be done by her half birthday in November! Then I can get on with the rest of my life.



Yeah for your gorgeous harvest!!! tom had a garden for years but we have so many wild critters - raccoons, bears, and deer - that our harvest became the local grocery store for varmints. Tom even planted Jalapeno peppers one year and those were devoured as well. Now we just grow flowers!
Love and hope to see you soon. Sue

Marg in Calgary said...

Oh yeah! The tomatoes are lovely! We up here in the Great White North -- at least, those near the Canadian Rockies -- have to finish our summers by putting green tomatoes in a paper bag and eating them as they ripen...

I love 'em on thin toast, spread with ricotta cheese, topped with sliced tomatoes, topped with either pesto or salt, pepper, basil and olive oil...YUM! The ideal lunch.

So...this is a knitting blog?! ;-)

Best wishes,

Marg in Calgary, Alberta, Canada