Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"The World Will Never Starve for Want of Wonders"

That quote by Gilbert Keith Chesterton couldn't be more descriptive of our short Northern New England summers. It is as if we are being rewarded for the severity of our winters.

In mid-July Brendan and I celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary with a day trip to Portsmouth NH and the Strawberry Banke museum gardens. We've been there in the fall when the summer splendor has passed so we decided this year to take the short trip to see the gardens at the height of their beauty. We were well rewarded. Here are some of the pictures.

A restful spot full of beauty. Such an amazing array of colors.

Impatiens of every imaginable color.

Beautiful cooling fountains

Gorgeous flowers of all colors

And gnarled old trees.

The garden is next to Portsmouth Harbor so we explored the area, thoroughly enjoying the cooling breezes off the water.

An interesting monument

recalling Portsmouth's rich history

We kept walking over a small footbridge to a calm peaceful island

with a breathtaking view of the inner harbor.

We sat at the picnic table on the hill in the shade of the trees and watched the boats and birds for nearly an hour.

Then we walked back into the most historic section of the city, Strawberry Banke and marvelled at these beautifully restored houses from the earliest era of our nation's history.

The walls in these houses could tell amazing stories of courage, deprivation, simple joys and terrible tragedies.

Their classic beauty will never go out of style.

It's so fascinating to think of all of the history that has passed through these doors.

Next it was on to lunch and a visit to Kittery with its historic cemetery, the Lady Pepperell Mansion and Fort McClary...

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