Sunday, June 25, 2006

Stop the Presses! The Green Gable is finished!!!!

They said it couldn't be done! The Green Gable was destined to become a UFO buried in the bottom of the closet. But NO! It is now officially a finished production. The striping that I vowed I wouldn't do became my only answer to the dilemma of no more yarn. And it actually came out better than I thought it would. I need to wash and block it but here are a couple of shots. I may actually wear it after all of this high drama... imagine that!

Now I can move on with my life. And my family and friends can stop listening to me bellyaching about this blasted project. Yee-hah! Maybe I can even get my knitting mojo back on track again. I've missed it terribly!

P.S. I think those wierd swirly lines are a camera effect because of the sheen on the cotton. I don't really have an iridescent chest (thank God!)



YEAH!!!! It is all because I came and gave you some mojo! I told you -- all you needed was to see me! It looks great! Congratulations to you..
Congratulations to you ..(singing)
Congratulations, Mary Ann
Congratulations to you!!!!!

Zonda said...

So glad you finished it! The stripes are really nice and it looks great on you!! Enjoy it..and is done! :)

townie girl said...

Congrats! It looks so cute on you! Woot!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I made a Green Gable too and I just love it. I really like the looks of your stripes.