Tuesday, July 25, 2006


The second Green Gable sweater is finished!!!


This yarn is a "softball" cotton, very soft and light, perfect for a summer sweater. I lengthened the sleeves, added one more decrease and increased at the hips. The only issue I had was some slight rolling at the front neckline but I am hoping that washing it will help alleviate that problem.

It is a wonderful pattern and I love my two new sweaters but I have to admit I am ready for a new project. It's time to do Meredith's bag for school using the Constant Companion pattern:
She leaves for school in five weeks so I need to get knitting! Fortunately I have a glorious two week vacation up at our favorite lake coming up REAL soon so I can knit to my heart's content. Yay summer! Here's another picture of my newest FO!


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YEAH!!!!!!! It looks marvelous on you - great color too! You got your knitting mojo back sue