Thursday, August 03, 2006

It's VACATION time...YAY!!!!!!!


Why do I love August so much? Because it is the time of year that I abandon the "civilized" world for two weeks and recharge my batteries. Some people enjoy a vacation crammed with travel plans, airline itineraries, exotic destinations and foreign cuisines. My idea of relaxation is days without agendas, doing what I want when I feel like it, eating when and if I choose, grabbing a luxurious midday snooze, taking a leisurely row or paddle on the lake, swimming to cool off, gazing at a tranquil lake, listening to the loons at night and knowing that tomorrow I can repeat the experience all over again.

Each year I know I must be approaching this time because the little irritations of living in the city become magnified tenfold. Screaming sirens, rumbling motorcycles, clattering trucks all begin to really set my teeth on edge. I find myself daydreaming about sitting in a boat at dawn with my fishing rod surrounded by lake mist, watching the osprey swooping down to catch fish for their chicks. Sitting in traffic becomes overwhelmingly unbearable, even if NPR is airing some fascinating story about telepathic dog trainers. I am itching to be away from all of the noise pollution and calendars and to-do lists. Up there I am away from all of the modern communication "conveniences" -- no phone, no tv, no internet. Just the sounds of nature. The silence is delicious!

I particularly love the sunsets, watching the sun dip behind the trees while turning the clouds amazing shades of yellow, orange and finally a deep vermilion. This is a picture of Meredith and Brendan coming back to shore in the kayak and canoe.


What you can't see in the picture are the hundreds of bats swooping through the air, gobbling up the mosquitoes (who are, in turn, gobbling up ME!) The lake is glass smooth except for the occasional tiny splash as a fish breaks the surface to grab a bug.

Saturday I will load up my car with everything I need to wallow in my unscheduled time: my fishing gear, a kayak, my knitting (of course!), books and magazines I have stockpiled over the past few months, some CD's, more clothes than I can possibly wear in two weeks, comfortable lawn chairs, and Isla, the demon darling dog. For the past few years, I have spent the first week alone at the cottage we rent, except for Isla last year, and Lady the years before. Brendan and Meredith come up for the second week and we pick up the pace a little, taking day trips and hikes and ending the week with a trip to Corea, a small fishing village on the coast, purchasing gargantuan lobsters and bringing them back to the cottage to cook and devour.

But this first week is all mine, a time to reflect, refresh, daydream, nap, and just unwind. It's sheer heaven! I cherish each day and savor every moment, wishing I could stop time so that it would last forever.

So, it's ta-ta for the next two weeks! I promise to post pictures when I get back...if I DO decide to come back!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my word, I am jealous! I can't even imagine how ice it would be to be by myself for a week. I also love not doing anything on vacations. I real vacation to me is being able to do what I want when I want and not having to tak care of anyone or anything.

Anonymous said...

OK, I hit publish by mistake, I meant to proof read for typos, but apparently, my fingers got away from me!