Thursday, November 23, 2006

So Much To Be Thankful for...

Chef To Go by Jennifer Garant

A few years ago I tried to start a tradition of beginning our Thanksgiving dinner by having my husband and daughter say a few things about what they were thankful for that year. I should mention that sarcasm runs rampant in my household. So my attempt at inspiration and gratitude soon degenerated into a contest of which of the two of them could come up with the more ridiculous answer. Here are some of the highlights (or lowlights):

"I'm grateful that Thanksgiving only comes once a year so I don't have to do this more often."

"...that there are no poisonous snakes in Maine."

"...for gravity so I don't fly off into space."

"...that somebody discovered popcorn...maybe it was Orville Redenbacher."

You get the idea.

So we don't do that anymore. But I still [silently] make my own list during the day. It contains the usual things that most people appreciate: a loving husband, a bright, beautiful and funny daughter, a goofy but lovable dog, an extended family that isn't TOO dysfunctional, caring and interesting friends, a warm, comfortable house, a job I enjoy, living in a place I love and the ability to laugh at almost anything, especially myself.

I also am so grateful for the gift of knitting which centers me and teaches me patience, happy and sad music, beautiful art and theater that enriches my life, good food and drink including wonderful flavors like cinnamon, coconut, chocolate, gingerbread and macadamia nuts, movies that make me laugh and cry, mystery road trips, naps on a rainy autumn afternoon in front of the fire, the first fluffy snowfall, watching my irises bloom, smelling the roses in my backyard and hearing the first songbirds of spring, going out to dinner, wearing a new killer outfit, eating a hot fudge sundae (with nuts) and taking a long, hot bath on a Friday night listening to Secret Garden by candlelight.

I hope you have your own list of things to be grateful for. Visit it every now and then, especially today. That's what Thanksgiving is really about!... and enjoy that turkey, especially those wonderful leftovers.



Don't forget Tuesday night knitting - it has to be the best therapy in the world - Oh by the way we do the same thing every year since the kids were little. They know now not to grumble and make fun of the tradition - the longer they goof around - the longer it takes to get started eating!! One of the things that I am thankful for this year is your friendship Love Sue

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phyllis said...

are you going to update with some knitting news anytime soon?????