Sunday, October 29, 2006

I just FELT like it...

Felting is so much fun. You take this oversized, limp bunch of stitches, throw them in the washing machine and... presto have this neat new object!

I've been felting up a storm (not be confused with feeling up a storm...sorry, couldn't resist that one) and have some new finished objects (or FO's for short). Some I am REALLLLLLLY happy with and others...meh.

I did a second, larger bowl with the Noro Kureyon and just love the feel of that stuff. For the price, I should but it surely didn't disappoint.

I also made a sweet little clutch from the remainder of the skein I used for the small bowl.

Both patterns are from the One Skein Knitting book.

The Pueblo Vase I mentioned in my last post was one of those "meh" projects. It doesn't look like the picture on the pattern. Maybe the yarn I used wasn't a good one for this project. I'll keep trying.

My camera developed a bad case of the blurs which didn't help matters either.

Then I went back to the pattern for the clutch. Seaport Yarns just HAPPENED to be having a 20% sale on ALL of their yarns so, once again, I found myself with a bag of yarn in my hand as I left the building. This time it was three skeins of Lamb's Pride Bulky in three amazing colors: Amethyst, Limeade and Jaded Dreams. This is what came off the needles:

That little number will be a gift for my baby girl when she turns 21 (*gasp*) this coming Thursday... along with a set of luggage, a travel journal and a book about Italy, all in preparation for her spring semester abroad in Milan. I think she will be pleased.

So, it's back to the needles and the washing machine to make more clutches. Craft fair season is upon us and I have a feeling these will sell like hotcakes!!!

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21? Doesn't it all go by too fast? Lyndsay will be 25 in January - way too scary!!
Love all your felted projects - It is fun to knit some smaller projects every once in a while! Sue