Sunday, February 04, 2007

If You Build It They Will Come

Yeah, I know, I promised some knitting news in my next post. I'm working on it, people, really I am. I promise a FO picture by the end of the week. Meanwhile, I just had to post this amazing picture that Meredith took on a day trip to Parma, about an hour outside of Milan.

Yes, my chocoholic readers, that entire storefront display is made of chocolate.
Pretty damn amazing. A true work of artistic masterpiece. Parma is apparently best known for its cheese ("Duh, Mom, Parma-san!") and its Prosciutto, an amazingly wonderful type of ham, hence the little chocolate piggies. My question: when you eat the chocolate piggies, is there a bacon aftertaste?

This is what the inside of the store looked like:

I haven't seen that many pastries in one place since my last trip to Ferraro's in New York's Little Italy. It's pretty obvious my little cookie was in her glory. Check out the smile in these two shots:

A Milk Chocolate AND a white chocolate fountain... amazing!

Chocolate: The Universal

I don't even want to think about how many Weight Watchers Points were in that one location alone!... and every little town, village and hamlet in Italy has one (or more) of these cafes. Oh, man... forget about taking the train on my trip in May. I had better plan on walking the hundreds of miles we are planning on covering just to avoid having to pay for a double wide seat on the flight home!!!

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She looks so happy!!!!! I guess I would be happy too if I were surrounded by all that chocolate - Hugs to you Love Sue