Friday, February 09, 2007

Some weeks it just doesn't pay to get out of bed!

I have obviously pissed off somebody upstairs because, to put it mildly, this week has SUCKED!
An unexpected major car repair, a flat tire, the death of the garbage disposal, not to mention the ungodly cold, all conspired to make this a week we wish we could just wipe off the calendar.

And just when we thought we had hit rock bottom, this happens:

Yeah, those are crutches, that's an aircast on my foot that is elevated above heart level to reduce swelling. All that is missing in the picture is the four times daily ice packs and the bottle of pain relievers.

I was walking the dog Tuesday night and was about a half mile from home when I tripped on some broken pavement (not even on ice, mind you!) At precisely that same moment Isla spotted her favorite ballfield and bolted in a frenzy of excitement. A car was coming towards us so I instinctively held on to the leash for fear that she would get hit. My mistake. I went down in a heap, twisting my ankle grotesquely in the process. Isla got very upset and starting jumping all over me, making it impossible to stand up. The woman in the car stopped to ask if I was alright, convinced, I'm sure, that Isla was in attack mode. I foolishly said yes and off she went. When I finally stood up I immediately knew something was very wrong. And, of course, I had not thought to bring my cellphone so was forced to hobble the half mile back home in the bitter cold, navigating some very treacherously icy sidewalks along the way. (An aside here: WHY THE HELL WON'T PEOPLE CLEAR THE ICE OFF THEIR SIDEWALKS IN THIS WEATHER???) When I finally made it back home, sobbing like a baby, my ankle was swollen up like a softball. When Brendan insisted that we go to the emergency room I didn't give him an argument. Two hours later, with x-rays completed, the verdict was a severe sprain and I was ordered to bed for the rest of the week. So here I lay, knitting, napping, watching crappy tv, reading, napping some more, catching up on emails, IMing Meredith, napping even more and hoping desperately to get on with my life sometime soon.

All I can say is: THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh Mary Ann! It looks painful - How are you going to do the play with a boo boo ankle? Sending lots of love and kisses your way - Sue