Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Goodbye, Old Friend...

Thirty years ago my husband and I bought our bedroom set. We were so proud of the three pieces that transformed the empty bedroom in our apartment into a warm and cozy refuge. We moved it twice, once from Brooklyn to a rented house in Maine and, 25 years ago, into our first owned-by-us-and-the-bank REAL house.

Sadly, a few months ago we realized that our mattress and box spring a word, tired. The top didn't so much resemble a mattress as it did a topographical map with some REALLY pronounced hills and valleys. That terrain was doing a number on our backs, hips and knees.

So, we did our research, found a great sale at Macy's and set out to replace our mattress and boxspring. They were delivered today. I admit I felt a little twinge of remorse as I stripped the old bed, thinking of the hours we spent cuddling, talking, dreaming, sharing ideas, resolving conflicts, watching movies, playing with our baby girl and, of course, sleeping. We probably have spent more hours there than any other place on earth.

The truck pulled up and two young men began unloading the large, bulky packages. That's when things fell apart. Here is the culprit:

That is the stairwell...and only our bedroom. Apparently box springs are just a teensy-weensy bit bigger than they were 30 years ago. That extra inch or so meant there was no way the box spring was going upstairs. CRAP! So back it went on the truck...

and the set became a least until our new split queen box spring arrives next week.

Ah, sweet dreams again!!

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Mardi said...

We had a similar problem we moved into our 30 year old house. Good thing we only have a queen size bed! I like your blog, got here from your Ravelry post on favorite blog posts. I am working on creating mine and haven't got it off the ground yet. Being new at this its a mind stretch.