Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Now THAT'S more like it...

After a winter that seemed to go on forever, Spring has finally burst through the door with a huge TA-DA! The colors are so intense and gorgeous. This Rhododendron is in full bloom on the college campus where I work. Here are some other glimpses of the beautiful gardens, all lovingly crafted and maintained by an amazing head landscaper named Larry. What a gift that man has!

With a shoestring budget and a staff made up of primarily students and volunteers he manages to transform the campus into a splash of color and texture.

Every branch is lovingly pruned and shaped to create the perfect effect. I often wonder how many students, faculty and staff take notice of the beauty the surrounds them. This week most of them are hunkered down for final exams but, hopefully, at some subliminal level Larry's efforts are creating a calming environment to enhance their learning.

Every pocket and corner on campus catches your eye with amazing colors.

Even some of the less-travelled walkways are full of beauty.

Thank you, Larry, for bringing your passion and your gardening gift to those of us who get to benefit from your efforts! You are truly and artist!

You made suffering through this past winter ALMOST worthwhile!!! Happy Spring everyone!

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