Sunday, May 14, 2006

Idiocy update

First things first: Happy Mother's Day!!!!! Hope all you moms get some very special (and well deserved) pampering today. My cookie took me out to breakfast this morning and spent some "quality time" with me, something I greatly appreciate given her busy social calendar.

I drove up to Vermont last Thursday to bring her home on Friday. Hard to believe her sophomore year is in the books! Wow! These college years are flying by.

Now on to less pleasant things: My Green Gable sweater has gone from this --

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to this --

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My plan B to give it to my daughter backfired when she was unable to put it on because the bound off edge on the bottom wouldn't stretch to fit over her head. Sheesh, I can't catch a break on this damn thing so I decided to frog the whole thing and do it over.

At least now I can double the yarn and get the correct gauge. I just hope I can make myself do it. I'm pretty discouraged right now. I have to muster some of that Irish stubborn streak that runs rampant through my family and tell myself that I HAVE to make this thing just to prove to myself that I CAN do it!

In the meantime, my sister's birthday is Tuesday (yes, THIS Tuesday, as in the day after tomorrow). I sent her card and told her that her gift is on its way. I'm fify percent there. Check this out --

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They are "Cat's Paws Socks" using a pattern I found here
She adores cats and loves purple so these should make her very happy. I really like the yarn. It is called "Four Seasons" and it is a 70% cotton/30% wool blend that feels very soft and will be light enough for summer but warm in the cold weather. It is made in Peru and sold by Classic Elite Yarns. I made a pair of socks for my Florida sister for her birthday in February with the same yarn and she really liked them.

Hopefully I can finish the second sock this week. I do suffer from SSS - second sock syndrome -- but having a specific deadline (which will have already gone by) should keep me motivated. Plus, I really want to finish some of my UFO's (see graph on sidebar) so I can work on some new projects.

(I just noticed that the purple sock matches the bruise on my shin I got when the dog tripped me and I cracked it on the coffee table! I may be a klutz but I'm color coordinated!)

I think some of my mood funk is due to the non-stop rain we have been dealing with. I get really depressed if I don't get to see the sun for days on end and it has been almost a week since we've had ANY sun. Portland is usually blessed with a good percentage of sunny days but occasionally we seem to get into a rut of lousy weather.

Ok, back to the knitting. *sigh* I guess if it were all easy and trouble-free, it wouldn't be worth the effort.

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townie girl said...

Sorry you had to frog it! I'm impressed that you're even knitting a sweater (something I haven't tried, YET) so don't be too discouraged. We learn from our mistakes. (Keep repeating that. ha!)

Great socks! The first pair that I knitted, I did the ribbing on both before I started on the heel, on both. Then same with the foot. That helped me finish them both. Otherwise, I'd probably be dragging like you are!

I keep forgetting to mention...our daughters have the same name! :-)