Monday, May 01, 2006

Nothing says funny like an overdressed dog!

I am a dog person. They melt my heart, they make me smile and sometimes they make me laugh out loud. The TV commercial for Pedigree Dog food is a case in point. I have seen that commercial dozens of times but every time it comes on I have to stop whatever I am doing and laugh as if it were the first time I am seeing it. You know the one I mean... "dogs don't cheat at fetch (dog with tennis ball), dogs don't lie (dog standing next to the pilfered trash) etc."

I was in Borders last week and happened to pick up a book called "bad dog" which made me laugh until I cried. I HAD to own this book. How can you resist a cover that looks like this?

This is exactly the book I need to keep in my desk at work to "re-focus" me after the meeting from hell or the phone call that never seems to end. It is small enough to slip into a purse for those long waits in line at the bank or post office. Keep a copy in your glove compartment to amuse you in traffic jams or bring it along for your next doctor's appointment to peruse in the waiting room while you wait to be called in for your gyn exam. Hell, I would even recommend reading it DURING your gyn exam!

These dogs are hysterical. They aren't all pretty... some of them are downright homely but they all have "character." It is published by Workman Publishing ( and ISBN is 0-7611-3983-4. The price is $9.95.

Next post: Introducing Isla (aka goofygirl) -- my very own "bad dog" (and she doesn't even need to get dressed up for the part!) :-)

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