Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Just HAD to do this...

I really needed to post this picture today because:

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1) It makes me laugh and I need that today.

2) I can see what the world looks like when the sun is shining.

3) The only water in the picture is already on the ground instead of falling from the sky in torrents like it is here and has been for the past FIVE days!

It reminds me of similar situations that DH and I have been in during our 30+ years together. No naked babes but some that were pretty darn close.

5) I Love the fact that the guy has a wicked painful looking sunburn because he was probably too macho to ask his wife to put any sunscreen on him.

Sorry, I'm in a REALLY bad, rain-induced funk right now. PLEEEEEEEEEEASE bring the sun back soon!!!!!


townie girl said...

Heeee! That's a good one!

We finally have some sunshine today! Just a little, between rain showers. I'd almost forgotten what it looked like. Hope your rain stops soon!

weaselrina said...

Here's hoping for some clear skies soon!


Thanks Maryanne - Helped to make my day a little brighter! sue